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diy peltier beverage cooler box

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-11
Hi all, in this manual I have a self made drink cooler box using Peltier thermoelectric cooler which is operated by Peltier effect (
That is, the more general name thermoelectric effect).
The device has two sides, and when the DC current flows through the device, it takes the heat from one side to the other, so that one side gets cold and the other side gets hot.
The \"hot\" side is attached to the radiator to keep it at ambient temperature while the cooling side is below room temperature.
In some applications, multiple coolers can be cascade together to reduce the temperature.
This is not the ideal way to make a cold box, but I have done my best to make it better with the existing parts and resources.
1 X foam box2 x Peltier TEC1-12706 (
I used a TEC1-12715(Higher Amps)& TEC12706)
2 CPU radiators 2 x small radiator for cold side 2 x high speed CPU FansEpoxy gluesunboard hot glue GunSilicon Sealentf if you want to buy Peltiers or good lidSo on the foam plastic box, a square cut was made in the center to install the radiator.
Later I found out that I should use a larger radiator and I will place an international sourcing link in my channel to get a better radiator the center of the heat is bigger
Sink properly in the center.
Since the radiator is completely submerged inside the lid, there is little ventilation on the outside to keep the hot side cool (
You can have a look at the 5 pictures for reference
If you check the image, the heat will be placed and I have Peltier on it.
Now the radiator type I am using is the processor radiator, so I generously applied some silicone on the corner of Peltier so that there is no cold air to get away with checking the seventh picture for reference. Once the silicon is dry, I put the small radiator on the cold side after applying some hot grease and epoxy glue on the edge of Peltier, so that it is fixed.
Then I used the outer cover of the old cpu fan, and stuck on the cover covering peltier & it will also act as the base TopAs for the CPU fan to be installed I use the big incubator so I put two Peltiers you can also use a peltier if you are going to make the small CoolerAs second radiator is slightly different, let me use the sun from the first one-
Board and stick it near peltiers (
Please see Picture 3)
So now I put the second radiator on the cold side & then put the fan on it and put some silicone on it for extra sealing (
If you use silicone, then please use the full mask in the open air due to the bad smoke)
So now you need some Hig amp power supplies. The easiest option is the pc atx power supply. In this circuit, there are 4 fans and 2 PeltiersI connected fans, for Peltiers, I recommend you to use the or and pins connected by XT60, these pins can withstand high amps. You can pass the wire from green and black
Enter the big plug of the motherboard and you will find a green wire, from the 4 th on the right and the black wire from the 5 th on the right)
All you have to do is connect lines 4 and 5. If you feel it\'s confusing, then there\'s a lot of video on the Internet about how to open the SMPS without connecting to the motherboard.
I used 12 volts (Yellow & Black)
To power peltiersI, connect the CPU fan into two pairs and use the wire yellow and black for SATA hard drives and DVDRW (
Positive in yellow and GND in black)
Connect the yellow color to the red line of peltierSo, once I open it, 30 minutes to see condensation happening in the box, so after 2 1/2 hours, the temperature drops to 22.
5 degrees Celsius, so keep it cool, I filled the box with 1/4 of water and it turned out better to drop to 18 degrees Celsius.
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