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diy off grid led grow light

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-29
An affordable LED growth light for off-grid operation.
With the current availability of higher-power white LED and cheap DC to DC converters, it is now possible to build your own LED growth lights, powered directly from solar panels, and grow your plants off the grid.
No other electronic products (
Such as frequency converter or timer)
Because you just need to use the sun.
The concept is simple: solar panels---
> DC to DC converter---
Both DC to DC converters and LED are easy to buy and are cheap.
The DC to DC converter is a step-down type that can accept a wide range of inputs (
8 volts to 40 volts or more)
Then set the given voltage/current for each LED.
The white LED is a 10 watt chip that can be used as a cool white temperature or as a warm white temperature.
We found that the mixture of the two white LEDs was closest to the matching plant photosynthesis curve to promote the good growth of the plant.
The DC to DC converter is set to 8. 8 to 9.
0 V to get the best operation of the LED.
The good news is that the price of the DC-DC converter and the 10 w led has dropped to around $1 (US)
This makes a good fixture cheaper.
Parts can be found by EBay, Amazon or other e-suppliers.
We install DC to DC converters and LED onto aluminum radiator material.
We are a bit too much about the size of the radiator, but feel better than the size needed is too small.
Use 2-
56 hexagonal head hardware insert threaded holes on the radiator.
Radiator compound used to help heat transfer.
Keeping the LED Cool makes it very simple to keep the LED \'swing\' away from excess heat.
Just keep and-
Straight wiring.
All DC wiring. . .
There are only two wires in and out of the equipment: positive and negative.
The pairing of the DC to DC converter and the LED can then be connected in parallel to the large fixture as shown in the figure.
Keep in mind to track the total power requirements of the finished unit.
Each LED needs 10 watts each and each LED needs to increase the required power.
When connecting a lamp to a solar panel, it will be important to track the power.
Maintain the power requirements of the LED under the power output of the solar panel.
We found that the 120-watt LED works well with the solar panel with a rated power of 200 watts, through which plants can be grown completely out of the grid.
The solar panel is powered off about 120 watts, and you can create 8000 lumens of light for plant growth.
Here are some of our settings.
More projects like us can be found on www. earthineer.
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