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diy- esc water-cooling radiator (for rc boats)

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-14
This is a very simple DIY that shows you how to make a beautiful and effective water
Cooling radiator for RC boat ESCs not involving geekish CAD design, high
Technology CNC machining or hunting exotic birds in Africa.
Just a little bit of the second law of thermodynamics ---
Heat flows from the hot surface to the cold surface.
By the way, this is how the device works. A water-
The cooled ESC will set you back about 10-
According to make, 50% more than regular ESC.
Now, you can do something similar with almost no money.
You may already have most of this stuff, go dig your junk box now!
What you need-1)ESC2)
Aluminum sheet metal productsbrass tube4)
You need one, obviously.
Aluminum sheet metal, I used a small 2mm thick cut piece to fit the size of my ESC. 1 or 1.
5mm can also.
Brass tube, 4mm wide, rescued from the old telescopic antenna. (
That\'s why they look sparkling in my photo)
This is a heat-guiding agent. You may want to buy something.
It should be easy to buy in the electronics store.
After cutting a small piece of aluminum to fit your ESC, drill a small hole in the center, remove the burrs from the edge file, smooth the two faces with fine sand sandpaper, maybe 600-
800 of sand with smooth surface.
Then, cut off the copper tube and make sure 10-
Its 20mm protrudes from the aluminum plate and sticks them strongly to the plate, leaving some space between the two.
Now add a lot of radiator compounds between the tubes and make sure to put the paste into every corner and gap for maximum heat conduction and better cooling.
You need to cut another piece of aluminum, drill a center hole and then pass it through with the right screws until the bottom plate and then fix the tube. Your water-
Cooling the radiator!
First of all, you have to make sure that the bottom surface of the bottom plate is completely smooth!
With 600-wet sand it
800 sandpaper for best results.
Then, on the flat surface of ESC, you need to peel off the heat shrink jacket and expose the metal radiator plate to the inside. Apply a not-too-
There is a thick layer of radiator compound on the exposed surface of ESC and the bottom of the radiator, attaching both surfaces and running a very thin strong glue bead along the perimeter of the fit, it seems that the radiator can be fixed on ESC. And that\'s it! Your ESC water-
The cooling radiator is complete and ready to run!
The most important part of DIY is to make it look like a professional work.
Or at least, that\'s one of my goals!
I masked the ESC part and sprayed a matte black aerosol paint. Neat, ain\'t it?
Then, talk about business!
Water installation-
Cooled ESC in my scratches, built RC gas boat \"Satan\" and ran in the pond, working like a charm.
Good luck, Diers!
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