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diy | 20 watt powerful amplifier using tda2005 - easy to make

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-04-15
20-watt power amplifier using TDA2005-
This is one of the simple amplifiers that anyone can build. You can watch the production of the video by clicking on the video linked to this step, or keep reading to make your own 20-watt amplifier click here on the YouTube channel. TDA2005 -
Buy Link2 radiator-Buying Link -
US or buy linkIND3.
1000 uF/25 volt4.
220 uF/25 volt-25. 2. 2uF /25 volt6.
10 uF/16 volt or 10 uF/25 volt70.
1 uF Ceramic Capacitor-48.
10 ohm resistance-29.
1 ohm resistance-210. 1.
5 k ohm resistance. 1k resistor12. 3.
5mm male jacks with Cable 13. 3.
5mm female jack14.
Any speaker of Testing15.
Radiator combination 16. PCB board17. Wire18.
Battery and battery cap19.
Welding rod, wire and tin paste20.
Wire stripper1st image
Circuit diagram 2 image-
In this image I show how to add volume control.
The volume control section is not included in the circuit diagram and my structure.
This section can be skipped.
This will only be added if you want the volume control in the AMP.
Install all components on the PCB board and connect according to the circuit diagram.
A few tips: 1st pictures-
Before connecting other components, make sure to leave some place for the radiator. My suggestion -
Place the radiator and mark the area.
Make sure that images 8, 9 and 10 connect all nodes correctly-
I would suggest adding radiator compound to the radiator and then connecting the radiator to the tda5.
The radiator compound helps to transfer heat from tda5 to the radiator at a fast speed.
This also helps to transfer heat from the plastic part of tda5 to hot sinkNote: I would suggest adding a small 5 volt computer cooling fan if you run the amplifier for a long time on your journey. 12th Image -
I have hardly replaced any components when building the PCB board, which is explained in this picture.
Components need not be changed.
The reason I changed this is that I am missing components in my inventory. 3rd Images -
This picture gives you a brief technical aspect of the amplifier.
Note: In order to get better results, I would recommend that you provide 12 volts for viewing amplifier performance as input voltage. Please start the test by clicking 3: 20 minutes of the video---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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