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distribution of led bulbs begins

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-19
Hundreds of power consumers flocked to Vaisakhi Jalaudyanavanam here on Sunday morning to receive high-subsidized LED bulbs.
LED bulbs are distributed at very low Rs cost.
People stop using incandescent lamps that consume more power to save power.
Two 9 watt LED bulbs are being provided for Rs.
After presenting an ID card, two 60-watt old incandescent lamps and a paid electricity bill, pay £ 20 to each consumer.
The National Energy Conservation mission began to be distributed here after Guntur subsequently launched in the Krishna district.
So far, 61 lakh LED bulbs have been distributed and will provide more to the people of the CEO of National Energy Conservation Mission.
Said Chandrasekhare Reddy.
\"People reacted very well, and the cost of electricity bills fell.
520 crore, \"he said.
Minister of Rural Development
Ayyanna Patrudu launched the distribution in the city and said the power sector is working to protect and improve the quality of the power.
The supervision engineer of AP Oriental Power Distribution Co. , Ltd. said that 200 counters will be opened for the distribution of LED bulbs.
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