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Despite what many homeowners believe, dry homes

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-05-17
The right level of moisture is attained in every room because Aprilaire installs the humidifier throughout entire homes. By installing them directly into the existing heating and cooling system, Aprilaire humidifiers create water vapor through water trays that then distribute moisture lightly throughout the home. Water vapor is used instead because the minerals found in water would enter the air and be breathed in by people and pets. According to research, slightly humid air is found to help keep certain surfaces intact and that it is easier to breathe in. The company has claimed that it was the first to construct whole-home humidifiers. Back in 1954 when air quality appliances were simply plugged in and stood alone, Aprilaire became the first to enable whole-house humidifying. This changed the idea that indoor home air quality appliances had to be concentrated in one area of the house to being able to experience comfortable air quality in any room. Being the first evaporative, flow-through designed humidifier, the Aprilaire humidifier eventually paved the way for other designs. With the recently added Automatic Digital Humidifier Control, homeowners now have access to digital monitoring of outdoor temperatures and indoor humidity levels, maintenance reminders, and convenient troubleshooting. However, humidity production is not the sole focus of Aprilaire humidifiers. Rather, it simply tries to strike the balance of humid and comfortable for the home and the people in it. Studies have shown that whole-home humidification have led to health improvement in people suffering from various respiratory-related problems, including dry sinuses, headaches, and lung problems. Additionally, Aprilaire humidifiers can help remedy itchy skin, allergy symptoms and static shock by merely regulating humidity levels. In addition, Aprilaire humidifiers increase the eco-friendliness of sustainable home environments. By maintaining balanced levels of humidity, Aprilaire humidifiers prevent the premature aging of the home's structure while providing comfort in breathing and overall health. Homes can increase their resell value by installing a humidifier which will qualify homes to receive a Green-Built Certification and a Certification from the National Association of Home Builders. By making the conscious choice to improve indoor air quality with an Aprilaire humidifier, you can easily achieve these benefits.
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