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Designed and patented with unparalleled efficiency

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-05-14
This latest cooling technology has various features which make it ultra efficient and superior compared to other competing technology. It has a slow and controlled product flow in order to avoid any damages to the products during the entire process. This particular feature of the bulk powders cooling technology helps a lot in maintaining superior quality product. Also, this technology uses an indirect cooling where cooling water flows through a plate to cool the product with the process of conduction. The mass flow technology feature of this bulk powders processing technology helps a lot in creating uniform product velocity through the cooler and regulates the product flow rate. Finally, this technology was designed with vertical configuration wherein bulk solids products and many other types of powders passes through the vertical cooler by gravity. Moreover, the vertical indirect heat exchange feature of this new technology provides several practical advantages that are incomparable with the traditional methods of cooling bulk solid materials and other competing technology. Additionally, this innovative and advanced technology was designed purposely for use with bulk solids and many other types of powders resulting to a superior final product. Compared to other competing technologies, the bulk powders cooling technology consumes up to 90% less energy eliminating the production of air emissions, dusts, fines and odors since air was not used in the direct cooling of the product. And at the same time, it solves some other issues commonly experienced in the process of cooling bulk solids such as bacterial and odor contamination, and the changes in the product moisture was eliminated. The product temperature profile of the bulk solid materials can also be predicted accurately at each level through out the cooling process by using a thermal modeling software. Thus, the final result is guaranteed thermal performance. This innovative bulk powders cooling technology is considered to be energy-efficient for a fact that it uses up to 90% less energy than other competing technologies. The need for a large horsepower electric drives and the associated heat losses were completely eliminated through the indirect plate cooling design which do not require the use of air during the cooling process. This particular feature combined with the large heat transfer to surface area of the cooling plates, makes this the most efficient bulk solids cooler technology available. Lastly, this bulk powders processing technology has the indirect plate cooling design which suggests that air was not in direct contact with the product during the entire cooling process. And to top it all, this technology has the ability to control the movement of bulk materials producing a superior final product. Leo Smith is a freelance industrial writer and a business entrepreneur currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He writes articles on various topics which include the innovative technology in processing bulk powders and other bulk solid materials. Most of his articles tackles about the various applications of technology in improving major industrial processes like heating and cooling bulk products.
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