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deburring turns into a cinderella story: the unique shape of an electronic part brought deburring challenges to a rhode island shop. the right machine solved the problem and began paying for itself as soon as it was off the delivery truck.

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-15
Quality is a key issue for ravigne manufacturing, Cranston,RI.
One of its tasks is to complete the heating-
Sink for Fortune 500 electronics manufacturers.
Burrs removal is part of the processing process.
Due to the geometry of the radiator, it is a challenge to remove burrs from toravini\'s own quality standards. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Ravigne received the final contract in 2005.
On the surface, it\'s a regular job: ravigne will buy the extrusion piece, cut it into the right size and send it to one of the company\'s 27 CNC milling centers to drill holes
The Saw and drilling process is carried out directly, but burrs on the end are proved to be problematic.
Saw left burrs at the end of the extrusion.
The complicated fin design complicated the burr removal process.
Ravigne must remove burrs from each fin and base.
Task: it is not possible to \"manually remove burrs radiator\", said Ray ravigne, professional project manager \".
\"The company looked for an alternative to manual burrs removal and chose the afiber grinding burrs removal system manufactured by Abtex, Dresden,NY.
Abtex has been manufacturing fiber grinding brushes since 1978 and has been manufacturing burrs removal systems since 1980.
Lavigne chose the fiber grinding burrs removal material because of its flexibility, versatility
Directional wiping ability.
The grinding action is concentrated at the end of the extrusion to minimize any impact on the side surface.
This is combined with the system\'s precise control of the part\'s entry into the brush surface, allowing the burrs to be removed faster and more completely.
Wear wire by heat-
Stable nylon squeezed with frosted grain.
The sand is soaked in the entire filament and exposed to the outer surface.
New grinding particles are exposed as the silk is worn out.
In fact, this kind of filament is self-sharpening.
Grinding occurs at the tip and side of the filament.
The slower rpm rate allows the fiber to impact the surface and wipe the surface, which is done regularly in combination with the flexibility of the fiber-
An object of shape, such as a radiator. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Abtex grinding fiber is anchored in the company\'s special, durable resin backing, so the operator does not need to worry about the extent to which the metal backing used in other types of brushes touches the workpiece. Hassle-
Free Lavigne said he was satisfied with the simple installation and the short learning curve.
\"We took the machine off the truck and started burrs the parts in a few minutes. The hassle-
Aquick turnaround allows free settings.
\"As a supplier to many Fortune 500 companies, such as the electronics companies manufactured by Lavigne, everyone in the company has quality --
Conscious, such as removing burrs with a radiator.
After the saw, the radiator was sent to the Abtex short piece, doubleheaded, flow-
Through the burrs removal system, four 12 \"fiber grinding brushes are placed at both ends of the medium burrs radiator at one pass.
Designed for 1 to 3 long extrusion, this machine can squeeze out 1,200 parts per hour.
The delivery system moves the parts from the saw to the trip machine, and team members load the parts into the trip machine.
As the wear increases, the team members will also adjust the brush for proper penetration.
Parts Export the burrs removal system to another conveyor belt to the packing station where they are placed in a special interior
Factory box for transportation to drill holes in machining center.
If the glass shoes are right. .
\"This machine is the story of Cinderella,\" LaVine said . \"
\"Once we have a part loaded it will come back right away with no burrs.
We can\'t feed the parts fast enough. It\'s too fast.
Whether we are running a manual feeding and unloading system or an automatic delivery system, this machine will produce results.
The speed of the process and the quality of the finished product are almost incredible.
\"The system costs about $55,000 and starts paying immediately by automating the burrs removal process.
Manual burrs cost-
The prohibition of using other burrs materials and the system is not able to provide the necessary quality.
Therefore, the Abtex system is one of the factors for Lavigne to successfully negotiate the completion of the radiator contract.
During the company\'s 18 months working on the project, it used six sets of four brushes at a cost of less than $150 per brush, so it was less than $3,600 in total.
For burr removal 75,000-
The cost of each part is less than 5 cents.
LaVine said 120-
Employee business is a work shop specializing in parts made of aluminum and exotic alloys.
In addition to radiators, the company also produces precision parts for various industries such as automotive, construction and aerospace.
Ray lavigne\'s brothers David Daniel and Gerard established the company in 1989.
Over the past 18 years, growth has prompted the company to move its original position to a bigger quarter.
The company added more buildings when the second location became crowded.
Now it\'s 40,000 [feet. sup. 2]
Of the three buildings in the same industrial complex of Cranston. Abtex www. rsleads. com/704mn-
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