Custom LED Heat Sink Design

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Mingfa Tech Manufacturing Limited provides custom heat sink design services for LED lighting projects from worldwide solid state lighting OEMs, whether they need passive heatsinks or active heatsinks.

Generally, “off the shelf” heat sinks are most cost effective but not all the LED thermal management can be resolved as adding some features to the existing standard types. In this case, Mingfa Tech’s design team will do the analysis on the usage situation after they got the concept from the customers, then do the engineering,testing on the application, enter into manufacture, shipment. In order to meet the clients’ demand, the complete process through design to manufacture was under strict control, herewith, competitive pricing, high precision quality, fast delivery, excellent after-service are the key advantages from Mingfa Tech.

Regarding the custom demand for the cooling solution, no matter how big or small sizes are, no matter what types are and no matter how complex the shapes are, including aluminum extruded heat sinks, cold forged pin pin heat sinks, die casting heat sinks, metal stamping heat sinks, star heatsinks, round heatsinks, they can be made in Mingfa Tech’s workshop, mass production lines. Mingfa Tech can offer optimized proposal as per LED lighting systems by modifying the existing designs or making a new tooling for options. For example, cutting,tapping,drilling and wire EDM on existing extrusion LED profiles are always suitable for low-mid volume usages because of no tooling fees, time saving. For mid-high quantity custom needs, we suggest to make a new tool, this way can decrease the manufacturing cost but with quality assurance, quick lead time.

Here are the key points under over-all consideration for Mingfa Tech’s heat sink LED custom designs.


Power (Wattage)


Inside ambient temperature

Heat sink orientation

Usage environment

Interface material

LED mounting options

Aesthetic requirement

Heatsink flatness specifications

Finish types (anodizing,chromate,powder coating,etc.)

Thermal resistance of LED fittings to heat sink

Any extra space inside the parts

Any manufacturability limitations

Any LED thermal energy to be transfered

The prototyping quantity and the annual usage

Prototyping cost and mass production cost

On basis of the maximization of the heat dissipation efficiency for the LED heat sinks, Mingfa Tech provides integrated expertise service in the design for respective specific thermal solution, such as weight minimization, length shortening, full cost reduction, machining choices, optional mounting methods and finishes, all options just to perfectly fit the LED lighting products. Mingfa Tech’s R&D team excels in resolving thermal transfer problems, more than 60% of the LED COB heat sinks are customized manufactured for LED lighting OEMs.

With the growth of commercial lighting market, the demand for LED cooling and LED cooler has increased tremendously. Mingfa Tech believes there will have more chances to work with more LED partners. Please contact Mingfa Tech for high optimal heatsink solutions for LED COBs and LED arrays in high power or low power, whether just rough concepts or incomplete design files in STEP format,IGS format,ect., Mingfa Tech can work out the best custom design for thermal management.

Custom LED Heatsink Design Flow Chart


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