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control system for led lights ready

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-28
Centralized control monitoring system (CCMS)
Maintenance and monitoring of urban LED lights is almost ready.
The junction box used by the GVMC for manually opening and closing street lights is replaced by the new junction box of Energy Efficiency Services Co. , Ltd (EESL)
A joint venture consisting of the public sector of the Ministry of Electricity. Cloud-
Based on technology, each box will be given a specific number and link them to the EESL system that works on the cloud
Based on technology.
This technology will achieve any fixes within 48 hours.
The MOU will also ensure 98 cents for the success of the LED light.
Seven years of maintenance esl has signed a memorandum of understanding with GVMC to operate and maintain 92,000 LED lights, which was installed after the devastating Hudhud cyclone damaged an LED light.
EESL will perform seven years of maintenance on LED lights and CCMS.
\"This is the first time EESL has installed such a monitoring system for the entire city nationwide,\" said a source at GVMC.
The installation of CCMS should be in place within a few months after the replacement of the traditional lights is completed in February 2015.
However, it takes time, the source said, because the assembly box must import the components.
It is reported that the installation has been completed except for some now, and CCMS are ready to run.
After installing the LED lights, the power consumption in the GVMC has been significantly reduced.
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