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Comprehending Forging process


The forging product is composed of two parts, forging and stamping. The forging process is a forming method for applying a pressure to a metal blank by a forging machine to cause plastic deformation to obtain a part of a desired shape and size. Forged raw materials are known as aluminum and copper, and aluminum materials are also used at the highest frequency. These materials are AL1050, AL1060, AL1070, etc. and copper CU1100.

Commonly used manufacturing processes for forging include forging, punching, drilling, latheing, and milling.

Process characteristics

1. Improving the Microstructure and Properties of Metals

2. Forging products with high dimensional accuracy and productivity are conducive to mass production.

3. High cost and material utilization of forgings

4. Forging has a wide range of weights, ranging from a few grams to hundreds of tons.

5. Improve the strength, plasticity, toughness and reliability of products


Now take the GooLED series products as an example to introduce this production process in detail.

Mingfa Tech-Comprehending Forging Process, Mingfatech Manufacturing Limited

Mingfa Tech forging products include its GooLED series (size:48/58/68/78/110/190) and xLED series (size:45/60/70/80/130/165/225).



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