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Compost buckets are a vital part of a gardening plan

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-06-21
Building a greenhouse requires planning ahead so that every item in it will have its own space and still leave enough room for moving around. Larger compost buckets should be in a place where they can be moved easily and yet absorb the most heat from the sun. If you have a larger greenhouse, they can be placed near the doorway so that when you refill them with plant material, they can be easy to get to. Most of the compost buckets are meant to be used in the kitchen area where the vegetable scraps can be kept to be added to the compost pile later. In this case, they are added to the larger area in the greenhouse where the composting takes place. Kitchen compost buckets are often made from ceramic or plastic. Portable compost buckets are often made with a filter to reduce odors and are sized to fit under the sink or on the counter. There is a great variety of styles, colors and sizes available as well as a place to purchase them. Online stores or home improvement stores and of course plant nurseries have them on hand. Make certain whichever one you decide on will be easy to carry and clean when it becomes necessary to do so. It might be a good idea to have at least two or three compost buckets handy, one for the kitchen, one or two for the greenhouse so you can have one available to carry to the garden if you are growing plants outside that need to be harvested. If you really are trying to save money and have a few items on hand, you can make your own compost bucket out of a five gallon plastic container. The first step is to drill four or five holes in the bottom of the bucket, then drill several more near the top and around the middle. These holes should not be large, just enough to allow the moisture to drain and the air to circulate to create conditions that will allow the plant materials to decompose into high quality compost. After the holes are drilled place some shredded newspaper in the bottom, then add the vegetable scraps and a cup or so of water before covering with two or three inches of dirt. It is best to rest the bottom of the bucket on two scrap pieces of wood inside an aluminum pan that will fit around the bucket. Place the compost bucket in the sun and check to see if the proper level of moisture is there, it should be moist, not overly wet or soggy. Add more layers to the compost bucket and then add the rich compost to the greenhouse or wherever you need it the most.
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