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LED heatsinks are a heat-exchanged component that dissipates the heat of the heating element to the environment or heat sink more efficiently. As shown below, for a LED module, if you do not install the LED heatsinks, the internal heat mainly by radiation spread into the air, poor heat dissipation. After installing LED heatsinks on the LED module, the heat

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Why you need LED heatsinks?

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One of the important advantages of LEDs is that they don’t produce any heat. Yes, it is cool, they are cool because they do not produce any heat in the form of the heat radiation. The infrared radiation heats the incandescent bulbs and the other light sources. Although the LEDs are cool there is plenty

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Good LED heatsinks should be like this

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At present, the LED lighting technology is facing three breakthroughs in applications that have entered the product homogeneity: to enhance its utilization rate, reduce the warranty rate and extend the using effect, and LED cooling problem still bothers the brand manufacturers. With the wide application of LED lamps and also the demand of the market, the
the importance of LED Heatsinks

The Improtance of LED Heatsinks

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First of all, when it comes to LEDs, we can tell from the outside that it differs from a traditional light source because almost all LEDs have a significant feature – LED heatsinks. A wide range of LED heatsinks are not for the beauty of LED lamps, but to make the LED a better job. At this
Die-cast aluminum LED heatsinks

At present, about 30% of the electric energy of the LED light source is converted into light energy after power on, and the rest is converted into heat energy. Therefore, it is necessary to export so much heat as soon as possible. The key technology of LED lamp structure design is that the heat energy

Analysis of LED lamps cooling

Analysis of LED lamps cooling

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Currently the most popular lamps on the market is the LED lamps undoubtedly, LED lamps not only the use of light efficiency, long lifetime, but also because of the change of the traditional use of metal mercury to achieve the goal of energy-saving. Due to these advantages, LED lamps are widely used, and all electrical appliances are need

Discussion of High Power LED Cooling

Discussion of High Power LED Cooling

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Let’s discuss the importance of high-power LED cooling. The power of traditional die is relatively small, need not much of heat dissipation, so there is not any serious problem in LED cooling, but the high-power LED is different, its chip power density is very big. At present, due to the semiconductor manufacturing technology, about above 80% input power

Detailed of LED cooling

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As we all know, the traditional meaning of the dissipate heat is the so-called transfer of heat, and the principle of heat transfer has the following three points: conduction, radiation and convection. Now the most used lamps is the heat conduction, there have three points affected heat conduction, materials, structure, size. Speaking of materials, about the component that

With the extended lifetime and lower costs as compared to traditional lamps, LED lighting has begun to spread more efficient light into the homes of the globe. But, what decides the quality of LED lamps and what do you need to know before converting to LED? Let us know more in this blog.   LED-

LED is good or not that mainly to see the light failure, when light failure is smaller the LED chip is more better. Then how to make decline of light failure, it depends on what kind of heatsinks for LED.   There we mainly talk about the indoor spotlight with the heat conduction independent cooling.

What Matters The Most While Buying A LED

LEDs have become very popular. They are a great improvement over the traditional lights being used. They have a longer life as compared to the traditional lamps being used. They are also more efficient as their consumption of electricity is lesser than the bulbs. LED Life One of the major concerns while buying LEDs is