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by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-16
While using the least amount of energy compared to LED lights
Their original purchase price was high.
The latest progress in manufacturing addresses this and other challenges, improving performance and costs
The effectiveness of LED bulbs for the consumer market.
Latest model from St. 3mPaul, Minn. , is mercury-
Free, dimmable, designed for 25 years (
Use three hours a day for a total of 500 hours).
3m LED Premium Light is 13-watt (60-
Watt incandescent equivalent)
Full range bulb for solid application
Achieve long-term use of national lighting technology.
The lamp produces 800 lm and is available in two versions for sale: 3000 k cct soft white and 4000K cool-white.
9 led for cooling
Warm white edition and 10 LEDswhiteversion.
When 3m starts designing and developing its 25-
Including annual LED bulbs, a large number of aluminum components.
For mass production, it is considered that the cost of the product is too high to perform secondary processing.
This will require a high net shape
Die aluminum die casting.
The global group chose to customize the pace of the die-casting industry, Yatton Hill, Minnesota.
Join the design team to develop prototypes and production molds for LED bulbs.
Close partnership of the pace of the Italian semiconductor industry.
Paul division has worked with 3m in the past as a supplier of aluminum die casting parts used in 3m Company glue gun and other products.
It is located near 3m and provides a close working relationship for project engineers and mold designers to assist in the prototype and development process.
Some parts are painted for reflection, and the dimensional tolerances of these parts are quite typical for their dimensions.
Eric Waa, chief die casting engineer at Pace challenge, and his team conquered a design challenge, that is, the thickness of the radiator wall.
The wall is required to be 0. 070 to 0. 080 in.
\"That\'s too thin,\" he said . \"
Waa described 18-
The TheLED bulb is a one-month process from design to production.
\"In the process of die casting development and design, multiple iterations of tools are constantly evolving --for-
\"He said.
\"Because the components are small and thin
The mold also brings some interesting challenges.
\"The final design consists of four different components cast by the aluminum alloy A380, including the radiator core, the top and bottom of the radiator, and the halo.
\"The supplier/customer relationship has been working smoothly in this project.
\"There has never been any issue related to the investment required for prototype tools or final production tools,\" Waa said . \".
A key factor is the planning made by 3m before the development process.
\"Tool funding is planned and provided for each stage of the development process because we are working every time to maximize and reduce manufacturing costs,\" said Waa . \".
This is not always the case with every customer.
\"We know very well that there will be a lot of design changes in the process, but we want to minimize the design as much as possible --to-
Manufacturing time frame, \"says Chuck De Vore, program engineer in the 3m design and engineering solutions department.
\"We introduced the Pace industry into the design process very early and joined the design team so that we could leverage their knowledge of design tools. [
Provided by engineer Wu peici
Creative solutions and available options are required for both prototype tools and production tools.
\"Reducing cost effectiveness is one of the main goals of the team.
Some design features have been developed to help with this work.
\"To be as cost-
Waa said: \"in the prototyping process, we design tools with plug-ins as consciously as possible, so that we can maximize the use of reusable components and adapt to the next generation of size configurations
\"We are well aware that the geometry of the parts will change, but we want to save time in the process of reconstruction.
\"There are two original prototype parts molds
As a result, the team can accommodate four separate part numbers with two in each mold.
\"With the increase of production, we will
We can make eight parts with each lens, \"explained Waa.
The design of the bulb places the LED driver on a globe, not on the neck of the lamp.
This allows air to flow into the lights above the base and drain through the slots in the upper half of the globe, cooling LEDs and drives.
The Led is mounted facing up around the neck of the lamp.
3m Company designed the light guide to form the external structure of the amplifier and spread the light on a global scale using full internal reflection technology. The light-
The extraction element is created with white paint inside the light guide plate, resulting in the beam reflecting to the outside of the lamp in an all-round way.
Pace Industries offers 75,000 sets of diecastings for the initial test marketing phase of 3 m.
The company plans to coordinate its tool plan to meet the 3m production plan for each bulb design and size.
\"We have obtained the target market price for these parts and are confident that we will reach this number,\" said Waa . \".
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