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With the widely use of LED lamps, how to increase their usage rate, reduce the warranty rate, and extend the use efficiency has become hot topics for a while. LED lamps are widely used in major shopping malls, office buildings, streets and other places, but they still cause higher costs due to heat dissipation problem. In order to

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LED heatsinks – Active Cooling

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Recently, Tottenham Hotspur decided that LED lighting would be used at the competition venues and site of England Premier League club. It is reported that the venue can accommodate 61559 seats. “The roof is equipped with 324 LED moving lights that provide flood lighting for venues.” As LED lighting is becoming more widely used, but LED cooling is

Let LED heatsinks light your eyesight

After the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic in 2018, just a shortly “Beijing 8 minutes” can be described as shining. The Chinese director team used a lot of “Black technology” to bring a visual feast to people. One of the most notable is the application of LED technology, and is the perfect fusion of technology

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From February 13 to 15 of 2018, the annual International Lighting Show is held in Long Beach on schedule. The total exhibition area is ​​over 10,000 square meters, brought together 264 companies exhibitors from around the world, mainly from Canada, Britain, South Africa, Japan, China, and the United States lighting companies, almost exhibitors are about the components. Details of

The importance of LED cooling

The importance of LED cooling

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LED always has been accompanied by the issue of thermal management and LED cooling problem, its light-emitting mechanism is based on the PN junction in the electronic transition in the band to produce light energy, when it is under the effect of an applied electric field, the electron and hole radiation composite occurs Electro-interaction converts part

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LED heatsinks are a heat-exchanged component that dissipates the heat of the heating element to the environment or heat sink more efficiently. As shown below, for a LED module, if you do not install the LED heatsinks, the internal heat mainly by radiation spread into the air, poor heat dissipation. After installing LED heatsinks on the LED module, the heat

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Why you need LED heatsinks?

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One of the important advantages of LEDs is that they don’t produce any heat. Yes, it is cool, they are cool because they do not produce any heat in the form of the heat radiation. The infrared radiation heats the incandescent bulbs and the other light sources. Although the LEDs are cool there is plenty

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NEWS PROVIDED BY Mingfa Tech 29 Jan 15 :15 PM CHINA, January 29/-To announce a good news here. MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited will attend the Lighting fair of Strategies in Light/ THE LED SHOW/ Lightspace California 2018 from Feb 13-15 which is hosted by PennWell the famous media company in US. This fair provide an unprecedented environment for
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At present, the LED lighting technology is facing three breakthroughs in applications that have entered the product homogeneity: to enhance its utilization rate, reduce the warranty rate and extend the using effect, and LED cooling problem still bothers the brand manufacturers. With the wide application of LED lamps and also the demand of the market, the
the importance of LED Heatsinks

The Improtance of LED Heatsinks

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First of all, when it comes to LEDs, we can tell from the outside that it differs from a traditional light source because almost all LEDs have a significant feature – LED heatsinks. A wide range of LED heatsinks are not for the beauty of LED lamps, but to make the LED a better job. At this
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At present, about 30% of the electric energy of the LED light source is converted into light energy after power on, and the rest is converted into heat energy. Therefore, it is necessary to export so much heat as soon as possible. The key technology of LED lamp structure design is that the heat energy

Analysis of LED lamps cooling

Analysis of LED lamps cooling

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Currently the most popular lamps on the market is the LED lamps undoubtedly, LED lamps not only the use of light efficiency, long lifetime, but also because of the change of the traditional use of metal mercury to achieve the goal of energy-saving. Due to these advantages, LED lamps are widely used, and all electrical appliances are need