LED cooling design

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From a thermal design point of view, a typical LED lamp includes an LED light source, a printed circuit board (PCB), and a cooling system. The LED light source includes a semiconductor chip (light emitting portion), an optical element, a package, and a heatsink for taking the heat of the chip. The heatsink is soldered on the

Aluminum alloys are widely used in LED heatsink because of their light weight, good appearance, good thermal conductivity and easy processing into complex shapes. There are mainly three types of aluminum alloy heatsinks: flat-width, comb-shaped, or fish-bone-shaped, and round or oval-shaped outer radiating fins are radial pattern. Their common characteristics are: the short distance between the fins,

How do you choose LED heatsink?

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We often find heatsinks in electrical appliances or computers. It is a device that dissipates heat easily to heatable components in appliances or computers. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy, brass, or bronze. Such as. If the heat emitted by the components is conducted to LED heatsink, it will be distributed to the

LED Heatsink Performance

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The performance of LED heatsink can be represented by the cooler thermal resistance Rhs. The formula is as follows: Rhs=(Tmax-TA)/P Tmax: LED heatsink maximum temperature (°C); TA: Ambient temperature (°C); P: Heat dissipation of LED heatsink (W) LED heatsink temperature is defined as shown in the figure below In forced convection cooling system equipment, when

LED Cooling Kit

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Aluminum is the best material for heat dissipation, but aluminum products are expensive and have a low frequency of use, and the process itself is greatly limited. Therefore, the style is little, and the long-term use of aluminum have limited the speed of development and renewal. The plastic is an insulator, and its heat dissipation performance

LED downlights have gained greater room for growth in the domestic market. They have entered super markets, home improvement markets and engineering fields. They have gained recognition of consumers for more prominent lighting effects and higher product quality. Downlight can be said to be the most popular quality. Earlier due to the expensive LED lamp beads, the overall cost of LED downlight

With the widely use of LED lamps, how to increase their usage rate, reduce the warranty rate, and extend the use efficiency has become hot topics for a while. LED lamps are widely used in major shopping malls, office buildings, streets and other places, but they still cause higher costs due to heat dissipation problem. In order to

LED heatsinks

LED heatsinks – Active Cooling

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Recently, Tottenham Hotspur decided that LED lighting would be used at the competition venues and site of England Premier League club. It is reported that the venue can accommodate 61559 seats. “The roof is equipped with 324 LED moving lights that provide flood lighting for venues.” As LED lighting is becoming more widely used, but LED cooling is

After the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic in 2018, just a shortly “Beijing 8 minutes” can be described as shining. The Chinese director team used a lot of “Black technology” to bring a visual feast to people. One of the most notable is the application of LED technology, and is the perfect fusion of technology

From February 13 to 15 of 2018, the annual International Lighting Show is held in Long Beach on schedule. The total exhibition area is ​​over 10,000 square meters, brought together 264 companies exhibitors from around the world, mainly from Canada, Britain, South Africa, Japan, China, and the United States lighting companies, almost exhibitors are about the components. Details of

The importance of LED cooling

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LED always has been accompanied by the issue of thermal management and LED cooling problem, its light-emitting mechanism is based on the PN junction in the electronic transition in the band to produce light energy, when it is under the effect of an applied electric field, the electron and hole radiation composite occurs Electro-interaction converts part

LED cooler11

LED heatsinks are a heat-exchanged component that dissipates the heat of the heating element to the environment or heat sink more efficiently. As shown below, for a LED module, if you do not install the LED heatsinks, the internal heat mainly by radiation spread into the air, poor heat dissipation. After installing LED heatsinks on the LED module, the heat