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ats maxiflow heat sink named to edn magazine\'s hot 100 products of 2011.

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-11-21
December 04, 2011, mannorwood-(PR. com)--
Their maxiFLOW [has announced Advanced Solutions]TM]push pin-
Installing the radiator is one of EDN Magazine\'s 100 hot products.
\"EDN\'s Hot 100 is the most important product of the year based on the innovation, significance, usefulness and popularity of the electronics industry.
The ATS maxiFLOW radiator uses an integrated push-in pin installation system to quickly and safely connect the radiator to BGAs and other hot parts.
The metal radiator is cross cut and allows air flow in different directions.
This improves their efficiency in cooling the BGAsand other hot parts.
These maxiFLOW radiators come with a pair of durable pushpins in the choice of plastic or brass.
The plastic pin is lighter
Conducting electricity;
Brass pins add strength and durability to stronger applications or thicker equipment.
The integrated spring on each pin provides about 2 lbs (1 kg)
Keep the number of loads according to the height of the Assembly and the PCB thickness.
Patented ATS maxiFLOW sink with lowPersonal data, dissemination-
Finarray to maximize the surface area for more effective convection (air)
Limited cooling-
Airflow conditions, condensation with today-
Electronic packaging size.
The radiator is made of lightweight extruded aluminum, minimizing the thermal resistance from the bottom to the fins.
They have a green surface of anode oxidation.
Test of the maximum airflow radiator with a airflow rate of only 100 (
Linear feet per minute)
Display equipment junction temperature (Tj)
It can reduce the temperature by more than 40% to reach the traditional straight-fin heat sinks. The push pin-
The size of the MaxiFLOW mountain radiator ranges from 37. 4 x 37. 5 x 10. 0 mm (L x W x H)up to 41. 4 x 45. 75 x 24. 5mm (L x W x H).
Aphase is pre-installed for each maxiFLOW radiator-change thermal-
Interface Material (TIM)
For improving components-to-
Heat transfer of sink.
The mat is centered around the bottom of the sink.
\"We are pleased to have been selected as one of edn\' shot 100 products in 2011 . \"
Kaveh Azal, founder and CEO of ATS.
\"The EDN award recognizes our mission to deliver innovation in thermal management.
Rich Pell, executive editor of EDN, said, \"This award has existed since 1993 and has highlighted many industry trends over the years --
There is no difference this year.
We are very pleased to present the thousands of top-level products announced over the past year, which have particularly attracted the attention of our editors and readers.
\"A complete list of EDN\'s Top 100 Products can be found in EDN Magazine\'s December 15, 2011 issue. About ATS (www. qats. com)
Advanced Thermal Solutions Company (ATS)
Is a leading engineering/manufacturing company focusing on innovation in electronic product management.
Founded in 1989 as a consulting company, ATShas has developed into a complete provider of thermal solutions, with a portfolio of products and services that includes more than premium high-
Ultra-high performance radiator, research-
Leading quality testing equipment
Thermal Engineering consulting and thermal management education. About EDN (www. edn. com)
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Provide in-depth technical information to electronic design engineers, and provide news and strategic business insights to executives.
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From next-
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