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Another Project Completed…

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-17
This car home is currently parked at Mary\'s in Murphys, California.My departure date is tomorrow!.As early as July, I wrote about repositioning the TFI module on my Bronco II (thick film ignition ...... An early vehicle computer that crashes at high temperatures, causingYou can read this blog entry by clicking on this link ...... Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem, which continues to exist on very hot days.My good friend and mechanic Kenny made another call and he made further suggestions for adding the radiator.He said that I should use the aluminum-fin computer radiator with highoutput fan.So when I was 65In order to complete my eye cataract surgery, I stayed at Mary\'s house for a day and the project was completed.This is what the radiator and fan assembly look like when measuring 2.5 \"square ...... In the installation location ...... I have wired it so I can plug it into the cigarette lighter and use the fan on very hot days.The small fan pushed a lot of air, plus the aluminum radiator, which should solve my problem.Hope this will happen!I hope you like these pictures.My right eye cataract surgery was performed on October 9, and the left eye was performed on November 6.Both eyes are now 20/20.The only thing left (until early December, except eye drops) is to go to the optometrist at Livermore VA hospital, California, where reading glasses will be installed, scheduled for November 25.I made a last-I changed my date to December 2.Yesterday was cloudy with 51 degrees of rain.Cloudy forecast today, with showers, 55 degrees.YUK!It\'s time to go to the sunny south.Enjoying good weather is another pleasure in fulfilling life.time RVer!The red dot in the picture below shows our approximate location in California.You can turn left.Click on the map to make it bigger ...... Enjoy 65-75 degrees low humidity temperature most of the year is the main pleasure of the way of life of the RVing!\"Life is like riding a bicycle.You have to move on in order to keep the balance \"...... Albert Einstein, in October 27, 2012, I createdA minute video called Beautiful America.Beautiful America by Christopher W.French.The photos I randomly selected are from Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, luanana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oakland, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas state, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia (not shown in order) ...... It\'s mine.Yes, I was standing in front of the post office in lucenbach, Texas ...... Yes!Click this link to start the video.Make sure you have the speaker on and full screen as soon as possible.Click on this link if you would like to see my YouTube video ...... There are more than 500 albums in my Picasa Web album file.
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