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Almost every brand today offers a wide range of

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-05-22
There are also a host of other features in Samsung air conditioners. The presence of the world's first S-UTR compressor allows them to be unaffected by voltage fluctuations between a range of 135V to 290V. Moreover, it also obviates the need of an additional stabiliser, making these ACs the pioneers in stabiliser-free operation. Coming to the design part, Samsung leaves no stone unturned in providing great lookers, with a wide range of colours to choose from (Cherry Wine, Copper , Black, Chocolate Brown and Pearl White). These ACs break the mould of conventional ACs that were always in shades of white. The front panel has been specially designed with the Touch of Colour look, which is stylish and elegant in every sense of the word. Samsung ACs also cave activated carbon incorporated in the deodorising filter, which absorbs pet odours, cigarette smoke, and similar foul smells. They also take care of the fact that they do not go overboard in providing you relief from the summers, and that is where the Comfort Care technology does its job. Samsung understands that not only is too much cooling injurious to health, it also results in a higher electricity consumption. Comfort Care keeps a check on the temperature as well as humidity levels. Another unique feature in Samsung ACs is the S-UTR (Ultra Tropical Rotary) compressor that is extremely powerful and capable of cooling even the hottest of rooms within a matter of minutes without using excessive electricity. The high torque motor based on this technology can maintain a cool temperature even when the outside temperature is shooting up to as high as 54 degrees. Further, it also helps in reducing electricity consumption, and increases the efficiency of the air conditioner by 10%. Another great feature for saving on one's hard earned money is the Smart Saver feature, which can give savings of as high as 31% in the electricity bill. The air conditioner is also operated in a manner that the minimum time is taken to bring the room temperature down to the desired or optimum level. And lastly, the Catechin filter present in Samsung ACs, which is taken from green tea, deactivates captured bacteria and dust, and helps in removing unpleasant odours to lend an always fresh look and feel to the house or room. For more information on Air Conditioners visit: http://www.samsung.com/in
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