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www.mingfatech.com, led heat sink & mini heatsink MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited places great importance on raw materials used in the manufacturing of led heat sink-mini heatsink. Each batch of raw materials is selected by our experienced team. When raw materials arrive at our factory, we take good care of processing them. We totally eliminate defective materials from our inspections.. With the rapid globalization, delivering a competitive Mingfa Tech brand is essential. We are going global through maintaining brand consistency and enhancing our image. For example, we have established a positive brand reputation management system including search engine optimization, website marketing, and social media marketing.. To ensure that we meet the production goals of customers, our highly skilled service-oriented professionals will be available to help learn the details of products provided at MingfaTech Manufacturing . In addition to that, our dedicated service team will be sent for on-site technical support..
Led heat sink plate & led heat sink design guide MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited strives to be the customer's favored supplier by delivering unswervingly high-quality products, such as heat sink cost-7050. We proactively examine any new accreditation standards that are relevant to our operations and our products and select the materials, conduct production, and quality inspection based on these standards.. Mingfa Tech established by our company has been popular in the China market. We constantly keep trying new ways of increasing the current customers base, such as price advantages. Now we are also expanding our brand to the international market - attract global customers through word of mouth, advertising, Google, and official website.. We can all agree that no one likes to get a response from an automated email, therefore, we have built a reliable customer support team which can be contacted via [网址名称] to respond and solve customers' problem on a 24 hours basis and in a timely and effective manner. We provide them regular training to enrich their know-how of products and improve their communication skills. We also offer them a good working condition to keep them always motivated and passionate..
100 watt led heat sink & led heat sink design guide etraled-7050 is a good example of efficient production of MingfaTech Manufacturing Limited. We select superior raw materials in a short time which only come from qualified and certified suppliers. Meanwhile, we strictly and quickly conduct testing in every phase without compromising the quality, ensuring that the product will meet the exact requirements.. In recent years, Mingfa Tech has gradually received a good reputation in the international market. This benefits from our continuous efforts on brand awareness. We have sponsored or participated in some of China local events to expand our brand visibility. And we post regularly on social media platform to effectively execute on our brand strategy of the global market.. We have created an easily accessible way for customers to give feedback through MingfaTech Manufacturing . We have our service team standing by for 24 hours, creating a channel for customers to give feedback and making it easier for us to learn what needs improvement. We make sure our customer service team is skilled and engaged to provide the best services..
Mingfa Tech, Our company mainly produces the main products led heat sink cob led heat sink led light housing
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xLED-6030/6050 smd led heat sink aluminum

PinFin Heat Sink ø60mm;

Design for Spotlight and Downlight;

900~1800lm; Rth3.8-5.0°C/w;

HibayLED-445370 clear anodized AL1070 hibay LED heat sinks

Hibay vacuum phase-transition Heat Sink ø445mm;

Design for Highbay,Foolight and Street light;

83500~140000lm; Rth 0.07°C/w~0.1°C/w;

EtraLED-9620/9650/9680 round led heat sink cob led cooling

Star Heat Sinkø96mm;

Design for Spotlight and Downlight;

3400~6800lm; Rth0.9°C/w~1.8°C/w;

xLED-16530/16560/165100 LED heat sink AL1070 pin fin coolers

PinFin Heat Sink ø165mm;

Design for Spotlight and Downlight;

7200~16800lm; Rth 0.4~0.9°C/w;

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