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\"ali v1\"!!! the solder helper/heat sink

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-11-16
Make a welding assistant/radiator for less than 5 pesos (
Philippine Money)
Or less than 50 cents (doller)
Have you ever done welding, you have lead in one hand and solder in the other, don\'t know how to place or position your solder, so you put them on the table, trying to place the joint together?
You will know how difficult it is.
This is why I do \"Ali! ! !
V01, Clip from piece alignment. (hehehe)
This is a very cheap and simple, but it is useful for enthusiasts who use welding.
I know there is a better version of this 3rd manual welding and I think if they call it that way.
But some places are hard to find.
So this version is cheap.
Also, the design is double Ali end, so I don\'t need a base, just find something that can be sandwiched between one end and the other.
1 set of materials required: 1. wire2.
Then, multiply it by how much you will produce. Tools:1. )
That\'s it.
Here I use a small aligning clamp and an aluminum wire because in the computer they say they use an aluminum radiator not sure how it works but I still use it,
Because this is everything I can find)
For the wire: So in the end, the length of the wire depends on you, depending on your comfort time, if you find it has a helping hand of 1 m long, if you don\'t have a table, so you have to put it on the floor, then proceed anyway.
But for me I used about 3 to 4 inch.
For the alignment clip: just remove the plastic cover and not sure if it will melt if you still put it there but I didn\'t try to figure it out and the art did work for me, unlike this,Full half silver)
Assembly: So the idea is simple, if the wire does have it, you can put it in a small hole in the alignment clip ,(
Poor you, because you still need training. JOKE! ! !
Just put it in half
I squished it for safety.
Then do both ends. . .
Then keep trying to weld something, anything, just try it! ! !
Feel comfortable without any problems/difficulties! P. S.
Depending on the wire you use, if the wire is too thick/too hard, you may have a hard time bending it to the desired position.
To be soft and may be difficult to carry these parts, do not read these sentences before this statement, unless it is light, and proceed to the next one.
That\'s why I use the aluiminum line because it\'s softer and a bit stiff with a thicker line (
As I mentioned earlier, all I can find is = D)so enjoy! ! !
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