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A projector is a device to reproduce, and by projecting

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-07-16
There are various models of projectors, each operating with different types of projector lamps. Here are the main representatives: The projector LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), which runs through the liquid crystal technology offers the advantage of being the model of the cheapest projector market, at least for the mono LCD model base. The liquid crystal technology, discovered in the 90's, we are constantly evolving to deliver applications more pointed. And originally used the screens, this technology has been diverted to produce high quality video projectors. The projector lamp used is a metal vapor lamp, which passes through one or more LCD panels displaying the primary colors before reaching the media on which the image will be projected. The mono LCD model, which has only one panel equipped with filters, the resolution is less important than on a model tri LCD which, as its name implies, has three panels instead of one, which also multiply the effect of the resolution. Can be found now mostly projectors operating on the principle of sorting LCD, which can easily replace the lamp projector which, it must be admitted, is quite fragile. DLP (Digital Light Processing) and DMD (Digital Micromirror Device), which offer an image quality superior to that of LCD projectors use a technology based on thousands of micro mirrors that reflect or block light. Invented by Texas Instruments DLP technology provides good image brightness without raster effects, and rendering darker colors than LCD projectors are still struggling to achieve. These projectors are against much more expensive, the light projector is fragile, and the device generates heat requires a very large often noisy cooling system. Finally, technology CRT tri (tri-tubes), based on the use of three tubes, each representing a primary color. With this model of projector you get the brightest image and the life of the tubes is excellent. Although this type of projector is best for a home theater, there is still little used because of its price and its size. The device actually produces three images, which are then superimposed on the projection surface, to project the results to more than 10 meters. It will be understood therefore that the real movie fans want to dedicate an entire room to install them and pay the price!
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