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4 things you need to know about lighting


LED lights are the latest type of lighting, known for their energy-saving and intelligent lighting solutions. According to the latest research and development in the field of LED lighting, LED lights have become part of the green revolution. Here, such as LED pole bracket, LED flash bar, LED cold light and other related accessories are also rising. From longevity to environmental protection, LED lights have many advantages. However, before choosing LED lights, people should pay attention to various factors that affect the light performance and durability of the lamps. Now let's take a look:

1. The LED power supply

LED bulbs typically last up to 50,000 hours, which means they have 10 years of availability. To maximize their luminous efficiency, we need a good power supply called a driver to support them. In addition, to achieve better performance, LED lights should be able to control the voltage of the power supply to run. Integrated lighting also affects LED power supply and its light efficiency.

2. LED radiator

Radiator can eliminate the heat generated by LED lights and improve the efficiency of LED lights. The following factors affect the performance of this important device:

(1) size -- large surface area helps to eliminate heat quickly. By increasing the overall size of the radiator or the number of radiator fins, the surface area of the radiator can be maximized.

(2) surface area -- the surface of the painted radiator can consume more heat.

(3) material -- material is the main factor affecting the performance of heat sink. Copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials can be used to make heat sinks. However, thermoplastic material has become the latest development of heat sink material field. It is not only a good thermal conductor, but also popular because of its low production cost.

3. LED capacitor

The type of capacitor that stores energy in LED bulbs affects the performance of LED bulbs. Usually, plastic capacitors are used in light bulbs. When used regularly, capacitors can run for about a year. However, heat and other factors can also affect the life of capacitors. Today, ceramic capacitors are used for their higher tolerance and are increasingly popular for their durability.


The luminous power of LED lamps is largely affected by temperature. The higher the temperature, the shorter the life. The cooling box plays an important role here. Its temperature should be kept below 85 degrees Celsius so that it can work well. Dry, stable environment and optimum temperature will increase the life of LED bulbs.

Conclusion: now you know all the factors that affect the performance and service life of LED lights. Keep these elements in mind when choosing LED lights, which will give you an unexpected lighting experience.

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