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20 watt stereo amplifier-simple and very cheap

by:Mingfa Tech     2020-01-10
Want to listen to your favorite music out loud, but no powerful amp? ?
Want a homemade music system? ? ?
Are you tired of annoying and useless mono from TV, music player, dvd? ?
Want a homemade cool and rich stereo amp, but don\'t want to spend a lot of money? ? ?
Then you are in the right place! ! ! !
This is a one-stop solution to all issues related to stereo amp! ! ! !
Guys, this is my first Instructure, I am very new to the Instructure website, so don\'t be harsh on my Instructure.
Today, I will show you how to make high quality, simple and cost-effective amplifiers.
This amplifier outputs a sound of 20 watts (
Very loud! ! ! ! )
Stability of the amplifier * This amplifier is 2-channel-stereo type.
It is based on the ic tda 2009 chip.
* This project costs only Rs 96 for me (under 2$ USD).
* Very easy to build * only basic electronic knowledge is required.
* Few components.
The most important thing is
It provides very sweet and high-quality output! ! ! ! ! !
Please watch the last step embedded video for the quality of the amp. .
Guys, I have built this amp, refer to the circuit website, please refer to this website for more information.
Credits for circuit and pcb layout will go to the swiiccircuit website.
This circuit requires only a small number of components.
The main component of the circuit is the integrated circuit.
For additional information about the icCOMPONENTS list, please refer to the data sheet-1)ic tda2009a2)CAPACITORS 2.
2 uf/25 VX pieces;
470 uf/25 VX pieces; 22uf/25v; 0.
1 uf disk type X 3 pieces;
2200 uf/25 VX pieces; 100uf/25v3)RESISTORS-1. 2k X 2 ; 18 ohm X 2; 1ohm X 24)
Audio cable for headset 3. 5mm5)
Copper Plate for etching. 7)
Soldier guns and some logs-
The 470 uf capacitor in the schematic is equivalent to the 220 uf cap in the pcb layout, and you can use any of them.
As shown in the circuit diagram, we must assemble the circuit.
I use a copper plate of 6 cm X 4 cm.
Simply etching the given circuit on the board and drilling it where the assembly must be assembled.
We have to assemble the components into the position in the pcb.
Now weld all the parts in their position. .
Do not dry the welding parts.
They will be burned! !
Connect the radiator to the IC before welding the IC.
This will prevent the ic from getting hot.
I used the L-shaped aluminum sheet for the radiator. . NOTE-
The IC generates a lot of heat that must dissipate. .
Here, My radiator is not enough to dissipate all the heat generated. . .
Use the radiator as large as possible.
I used the old 3 for the input.
5mm headphone audio input jack wire.
Output speaker-
They should have at least 15 watt rated speakers.
Output connection-
To connect and disconnect the speakers, I used the male/female AV connector.
The power supply used here is 15 volts 1.
3A desktop power supply.
If you don\'t have the right supply
You can use the ic 7815 regulator at home.
For more information, please google it.
See also attached PDF file. . hurray! ! !
We just made an affordable AMP! ! ! !
The Ic and radiator will get very hot, so don\'t touch them while operating.
I am not responsible for any damage caused by misuse of the circuit and improper handling! ! ! !
I have uploaded the working video of this AMP! !
Thanks to the list of individuals for reading me Instructure and please vote for me if you like it.
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