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15.6-inch gaming notebook shootout: hitting the sweet spot

by:Mingfa Tech     2019-12-14
Note: This article was first published in February 26, 2017.
In the term \"gaming notebook\", it\'s easy for you to get your nose up.
After all, given the conflict between the two words and power and portability, they seem a bit out of tune to sit together.
However, advances in GPU processing power in recent years mean that gaming laptops have become increasingly viable systems.
Still, they are lagging behind their desktop cards to a certain extent, and it is undeniable that for those who want to run the most demanding games, most systems with prices close to a reasonable label are not working properly.
With the release of NVIDIA\'s \"mobile\" Pascal gpu, this has all changed.
Please note the quotation marks as the mobile gpu is now roughly the same as the desktop gpu for the first time (
Give or take 10 points).
This opens the door for laptops to eventually be seen as legitimate gaming systems.
Also, this means that the manufacturer no longer needs to fill up the desktop
Put the GeForce GTX level 980 into your laptop just to have VR-ready laptop.
With Pascal\'s arrival
Laptop, VR
Powerful systems are more common and cheaper than ever before.
In such a competitive market6-
The inch gaming laptop is one notch lower than the bad desktop replacement.
When packaging powerful hardware, you still want them to be relatively portable so you can carry them with you.
This means that it does not depend entirely on the original performance, and factors such as weight and size are also important.
We caught a total of 15 in this shootout. 6-
Inch models for most major brands.
They are all equipped with the latest NVIDIA Pascal gpu, but since they are 2016 they are still running Intel\'s sixth
Generation Skylake processor.
However, most of the updated Kaby Lake models have changed very little, so our impression should still be there, although you can expect the performance and battery life of the new cpu to be slightly better.
Now, the only question is, which one should you get?
We answer this question by conducting a comprehensive survey of each competing notebook model, followed by a detailed performance showdown.
Then there are competitors :-
Acer\'s Predator 15 looks a lot like its name.
This design, even if not predatory, is nothing, from the red accent and stylized exhaust ports to the bulky power button, everything just screams for attention.
It seems that the industry has entered its mind, red-ah, the colors of anger, aggression and red --
The hot show is the favorite color for every player, and deep red has always been the player\'s favorite color.
The hue of many game products.
Still, this look is not appealing to everyone, and we are not fans of this fancy aesthetic either.
That is to say, predator 15 does provide services in terms of hardware, its four
Intel Core i7-6700HQ (2.
60 GHz, L3 cache 6 MB)
The processor, combined with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 and 16gb RAM, has very powerful game performance.
This is a laptop that can handle most of the latest titles at 1080 p when the settings are maximized.
More importantly, the laptop is pre-
PredatorSense overclocking utility is installed.
Of course, this is limited to the graphics card, and the Turbo mode raises the GPU reference clock from the standard 1,582MHz to 1,443 MHz.
There\'s another middle-of-the-
Called the route option for faster mode, increase the base clock to 1,513 MHz.
It is worth noting that the basic clock in Turbo mode is even higher than the 1,506 MHz on the desktop GeForce GTX 1070, so this should help to narrow the performance gap to a certain extent, in addition to enabling the predator 15 to be a fraction ahead of the competition.
Compared to the inventory speed, Turbo mode brought us a slight increase of 5 cents in 3d mark Fire Strike.
It is also equipped with a 512 gb sata ssd and a 5,400RPM 2tb hard drive.
This should be enough for most people, and the OS drive can even host a few games comfortably.
Still, we were surprised to see a SATA instead of a PCIe SSD here, but the good news is that the drive is easy to upgrade once you remove the bottom panel.
Acer also has 1,920x1,080-pixel G-
Sync your tears with IPS display
Get a free and smoother gaming experience by synchronizing the GPU\'s frame output with the refresh rate of the display.
Since this is a 60hz panel, it will be from G-
Sync, because the frame rate of the notebook is much higher than the refresh rate of the screen, this can cause tearing on the smaller screen.
In terms of audio, the predator 15 looks like it will provide some heart
Stop the bass, but sadly it\'s not enough.
A pair of speakers are installed on the front edge that pair with the bottom speakers
Launch a subwoofer at the bottom of the notebook.
The speaker settings are powered by Dolby audio on the software side, but all of these promising ingredients are not delivered, and the sound is like a harsh filter --sounding veil.
That said, the volume can be raised very high, although you may not want to do so because it will only amplify the defects of the system.
To keep things cool, Acer has launched the core module of \"predator\" Frost. This is an ODD-
Provide additional cooled size fan module for key components, in our test it successfully reduces CPU temperature by 3 °C (
GPU temperature remains the same).
It replaces the odd thing that comes with the laptop, and replacing one with another is as simple as pressing the latch pop-up module at the bottom of the laptop.
Heat is discharged through the Chase vents on the back of the notebook, and we should point out that there is actually a warning on the back that does not touch the area as it gets hot.
However, all these additional features
Ons means that predator 15 is very thick and heavy and enters at 38. 5mm tall and 3. 7kg in weight.
It is the heaviest and least portable of all our tested notebooks and is definitely not suitable for carrying with you.
We still expect 15-
Inch laptops are fairly portable because they haven\'t completely replaced desktops, So Acer\'s thick form factor and weight have dropped it a lot. In fact, a 17-
Inch power like Asus GX700 is as thick and 100g lighter!
This is still a 15 though. 6-
Inch notebook, you are likely to leave the it desk --
It\'s bound most of the time.
But despite the considerable weight of the laptop, it is not as strong and durable as Alienware 15, although it is by no means assembled in a rough way.
Having said that, the absolute perimeter of this notebook gives Acer freedom to achieve a fairly good keyboard with deep 2.
The main travel distance of 6mm really helps to provide a pleasant typing experience.
The trackpad itself has also proved to be accurate and reliable, and of all the laptops tested here, it is one of the better laptops.
There is also a useful button on the right side of the trackpad that can be used to disable it when you don\'t need it.
There is a row of five macro keys above the keyboard on the left, which can be used with the built-in-
In the PredatorSense software, you can quickly access content such as program shortcuts.
One thing that\'s missing is per-
The key RGB backlight-this is what we would very much like to see on this price laptop.
Instead, the backlight has only four separate areas and can be customized independently in the PredatorSense utility, although they are not as complex as Alienware\'s FX and Razer\'s Chroma offers.
The gaming laptop of this model is usually not missing ports, and the Predator 15 has four USB 3 in total.
Port 0 and single USB 3. 1 Type-C port (
Unfortunately no Thunderbolt 3 support).
In terms of display connectors, there is a display port and an HDMI port that covers the most commonly used display connectors.
There is also an SD card reader, which contains almost standard content on this laptop. Aftershock’s S-
In the face of most gaming laptops, 15 laptops are designed to be antique and practical.
Some may call it simple, but its utility prospects will fit those who prefer their devices to fit in instead of reaching out.
If you want to know, S-
15 is actually a P650 chassis based on OEM Clevo. The S-
15 designed to provide the greatest return for your money, aftershocks are in pursuit of value, not the best performance.
Therefore, it is only equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (
Though there is an option of 1070)
8gb RAM-not the most powerful configuration, but enough.
Great, Intel Core i7-6700HQ (2.
60 GHz, L3 cache 6 MB)
Comparable to other events.
It is also equipped with a fairly modest 120GB Samsung 850 evo m.
2 sata ssd, this may not be enough to accommodate more games.
Given that today\'s game can take up to 40gb of space, you\'ll find that you\'ll need to install some on the included 1tb 7,200RPM hard drive shortly after.
Fortunately, there should be no problem running the latest game at playable frame rates on the 1080p IPS display, but you may have to lower the level of detail.
However, one thing to note is that in S-
15 behind other GeForce GTX 1060-
Equipped with a laptop in some benchmark tests, this may be due to a lack of Optimization at the firmware level.
We did notice it.
At 61 °C, the CPU temperature of 15 is unusually low (
Other notebooks have more than 80 °C released)
There may be some throttling after our stress test.
In addition to that, it lacks something like G-
Sync with 1,920x1,080-
Pixel IPS display, though you really can\'t complain considering its $2,158 price tag.
However, we should point out that the aftershocks have been updated by S-
The basic configuration of 15 includes G-
Sync display and Intel\'s Kaby Lake processor, so you\'re now getting a lot more out of it for just over $2,292.
That is to say, S-
15 note includes features that you can make the most of, such as various ports and connectors.
This includes three USB 3. 0 Type-
One port and two USB 3. 1 Type-
C ports for the latest devices and peripherals.
We especially appreciate two USB-
C Port given the increasing popularity of USB
You can even get two mini display port 1.
2 connectors and HDMI outputs.
The other thing we should point out is that there are three separate audio jacks with one pair of headphones, one microphone and one S/PDIF output each.
However, a USB 3.
Port 0 is in a slightly awkward position, so you can imagine that considering the non-
Reversible properties of Type-A connector.
Audio has been taken quite seriously on S-
15 and onboard OneNote speakers including dual 2-
The Watt speakers and subwoofer make quite a sound.
Sound sound of the laptop.
This notebook comes with Creative voice X-
Fi MB5 software that has a significant impact on audio quality.
Music sounds significantly richer when the SBX Pro effect is turned on and off.
While other GeForce GTX 1060 laptops make thin and thin chassis a top priority, S-
Thicker and heavier.
Fortunately, its size and weight are still within a reasonable range and it can measure 25.
4mm high, heavy 2. 49kg.
So yes, you can still install your laptop on a computer that you might have a lotish backpack.
Its keyboard is an advantage, and it has the features of what aftershocks call tactile keys.
This means a critical travel distance of 2mm, and
Keyboard is one of our favorites.
Finally, the keyboard has customizable RGB backlight and support for programmable macros, which is a welcome boon for advanced users.
However, there is no per-
Key adjustments, you can only play with three separate lighting areas. The island-
Style keys have translucent edges to help highlight the backlight, which is better than simply letting the light bleed through key legends and gaps around the keys.
Even if it lives under Dell\'s umbrella now, Alienware is a lovely brand.
It has long been associated with superior performance and a strict price tag, and the Alienware 15 will not be disappointing.
It needs a heart.
At the beginning, the painful $3,752 was after $3,799 of the Aorus X5 v6.
The design of this laptop perfectly combines talent and elegance to stand out without appearing fancy.
Alienware avoids a familiar color such as red, which will certainly help as it benefits the bronze gray finish around.
Even so, the chassis of this laptop is built from a bold angle and lines, with an absolute sense of the future.
Still, only when you turn on the power supply does it really start to pop when you find cool glow light strips on the lid and base edges.
The Alienware logo on the lid is also quietly beating, and the power button is also playfully shaped like the alien\'s head.
All in all, there are a total of 12 separate lighting areas, including 5 on the keyboard itself, trackpad and Alienware fonts below the display.
All of this can be customized in the Alienware FX software, although a limitation is that unless you choose to use 8-
Digital hex code and custom theme.
Alienware was also the strongest laptop tested here in May 15.
The chassis includes parts made of anodized aluminum and magnesium alloy, and there is even a steel plate underneath the keyboard for additional reinforcement.
The chassis is barely bent, but the deal-
It is quite large in weight. 49kg weight.
The keyboard provides a large number of key-moving distances, which makes typing very enjoyable, and the steel plate also helps generate more consistent feedback on all keys, Alienware said.
However, it lacks a numeric keyboard, but you do get a dedicated column of programmable macro keys on the left.
This leaves room for underutilization on both sides, which seems to be an inefficient use of all real estate.
When it comes to wasting space, the display is also framed by a thick baffle, which we would prefer to see omitted.
When it comes to the front
The audio quality is frustrating in the face of the speakers, and the sound is obviously distorted even when the volume is low.
In addition to this, another design decision worth mentioning is to show a more forward position of the hinge, resulting in a prominent compartment at the back.
This is where the thermal system is stored, it is moved to the back, making way for Pascal GPU and allowing Alienware to make the laptop thinner than before.
The hinge position does not affect the freedom of motion of the display, and you can push it down to an angle of 180 °.
Still, this is indeed one of the most important features --
In this shootout, 120Hz G-
Sync the 1080p IPS display and the Tobii eye-
Tracking technology.
The high refresh rate display is from the usual 60Hz screen as well as with G-
Sync brings you an extremely smooth gaming experience. Tobii eye-
Tracking is a bit of a gimmick, but it does support Windows Hello face authentication and can perform some pretty tricks like automatically darken or turn off the screen when you leave.
When we test it, eyes
The tracking feature responds quickly and works as expected, but we ended up choosing to turn it off because it\'s more convenient to keep the screen on when you\'ll only be away for a short time.
It is also available on hardware.
In addition to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, it comes with Intel Core i7-6700HQ (2.
60 GHz, L3 cache 6 MB)
Processor, 16 gb ram, 256GB PCIe SSD and 1TB 7,200RPM hard drive.
Needless to say, the performance of the game is excellent considering the top game
So you might spend more time thinking about what game to play rather than whether it will run or not.
There are a lot of vents that can help Alienware 15 get rid of excess heat, including the air intake on the side and back, and a large full
The length vent at the bottom.
There are also good options for ports and connectors, including two USB-
Port C, one of which supports Thunderbolt 3.
These ports include Thunderbolt 3 ports, Gigabit Ethernet ports, and display output, located at the back, and the placement of these connectors seems to make the cable wiring cleaner when you connect to an external monitor.
You can also find Alienware\'s proprietary connector here that supports its external graphics amplifier.
This makes the side of the notebook look much cleaner than most other notebooks, a small but nice touch.
Gigabyte\'s high-end gaming brand has brought quite compelling arguments in the form of Aorus X5 v6.
This lightweight notebook also surpasses the already competitive field in terms of specifications, so you can get first-class performance
Leading Performance in a relatively portable chassis.
First of all, this is the only laptop with overclocking Intel Core i7. 6820HK (2.
70 ghz, 8mb L3 cache)
Processor, over 4. The default is 0 GHz.
This means that in some benchmarks it improves performance by 18 cents compared to the next best performing CPU, so the more powerful CPU does give you a good performance boost.
It is also well equipped with 16gb of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, 256GB PCIe SSD and 1TB 7,200RPM hard drive-
Ready to play the latest game in the highest settings.
The CPU is not the only thing that is overlocked, and the GPU\'s base clock has been raised to 1,493 MHz.
The resolution of the display also exceeds that of its competitors, and the Aorus X5 v6 has a maximum resolution screen of 2,880x1,620 pixels. There is G-
Sync support so you can enjoy a clear and smooth game.
That is to say, it\'s hard for us
To ensure a higher resolution is converted into a huge difference, we are pressed.
Maybe the image and texture look clearer, but it\'s not as big as the pixel numbers show.
We would really like to see a 120Hz screen on this screen, but unfortunately you can only see a 60Hz panel.
However, it\'s easy to forget this when you consider svelte and the lightweight chassis is only 22. 9mm thick 2. 5kg heavy.
Aorus managed to be one of the most powerful laptops to comment on here while having one of the most portable profiles, which is not a feat that can be taken lightly.
We also like the design of Aorus very much and it happens to be one of the more elegant game systems we have reviewed so far.
It won\'t catch your attention, but a closer inspection will find small decorations like the Aorus logo on the trackpad, stylized power buttons, and the ridges on the lid break the monotony of the surface.
Overall, although it is not as good as Alienware 15, the building quality is still good.
Still, it\'s still ahead of its gigabytes, and you shouldn\'t be able to find anything to worry about other than doing some bending in the display area.
Surprisingly, although the processor is overclocking, the design is thin, and the battery life is not that bad (
Even longer than Alienware)
Thanks to the 94.
The car was stuffed with 24 WH batteries.
All in all, Aorus seems to work to ensure that there is as little compromise as possible, which explains its premium of $3,799.
In addition, when the power is off, the five system status indicator lights will double as the battery indicator, and pressing the right mouse button will immediately display the battery power.
This is a feature that may be more useful for professional ultrabook, but we think it would be good to be able to quickly check the power remaining-
Hungry game notebook
However, one of the complaints we have is that the fan can get noisy under load.
The rotation sound of the fan is clear and audible (
This is definitely a problem if you use open-Headphones)
It is clear that the laptop is working very hard to drain hot air from the vents on the side and back.
Thankfully, the laptop is quite quiet under normal circumstances.
The other complaint is the trackpad, which feels a bit inaccurate and a bit unstable.
Even after checking for acceleration shutdown in settings, there is still something that feels off.
The typing experience is also a bit lighter than the thicker gaming notebook, so it could be a deal --
You have to make a choice if you want a thinner laptop.
However, you did get
The only laptop here that offers such a fine touch-key RGB lighting
So what we\'re not really complaining about is fine-grained control and dedicated macro keys.
In addition, there are various preset lighting effects, including waves, tents and ripples.
Another useful feature is the availability of lighting presets for specific games and genres, as well as separate options for watches and counters
Strike: A Global Offensive, or just a normal FPS game.
In terms of audio, the sound quality from the top
It is not usually noticeable to face the speaker, and it is also a little lacking in volume.
We had to raise the volume to around 80 in order to get comfort, and EQ didn\'t help much with its heavy load
Manual tuning of different frequency bands.
However, there are good options for ports and connectors including three USB 3. 0 Type-
One port, one USB 3. 1 Type-C port (
Unfortunately there is no Thunderbolt 3)
, Two HDMI and one mini display port output.
One of the USB 3.
Next to the power jack and Gigabit Ethernet ports, there are 0 ports behind.
Like an aftershock, when trying to get around and insert a non-Reversible typeA connector.
Asus\'s ROG Strix GL502VM is trying to inject something new into the established ROG design language.
Bright neon orange highlights and slim design, an affordable option for younger, more stylish people
A conscious audience
Because its goal is to reduce the budget a little, it comes with GeForce GTX 1060.
This means that performance is limited from GeForce GTX 1070
Equipped with a laptop, but GL502VM makes up for this with a more delicious price and attractive design.
The rest of its hardware specifications are competitive, including Intel Core i7, which is currently familiar-6700HQ (2.
60 GHz, L3 cache 6 MB)
Processor, 16gb of DDR4 RAM, 128 gb sata ssd and 1TB of 7,200RPM hard drive.
This notebook uses a double heat pipe to cool the CPU and GPU respectively, but despite the large pure copper heat dissipation module, the temperature of the CPU and GPU still seems to remain in a fairly comfortable state.
Fortunately, this does not translate into overheating in the palm rest area or any noticeable performance throttling.
Cool double combo
It is reported that the cooling module introduced by Asus also helps the GPU maintain its speed of improvement and ensure more consistent performance.
The quality of the building feels very solid and does little to help the main body.
You\'ll be surprised to find that most of the cases are actually made of plastic, which may be the reason why Asus has reduced its weight.
That is to say, this sense of quality translates into a keyboard and trackpad and you won\'t have any complaints.
However, unlike some other boards that allow customizable RGB effects, you are limited to the red backlight only.
The cover and hand palm rest are finished in brushed metal and have a more advanced appearance. The notebook shows orange-
The theme highlights are in a variety of places, including the radiator fins visible at the back.
Even the rubber feet at the bottom of the notebook are wet with orange, the overall impression is refreshing from the well
Red and black designs for old ROG products.
It weighs only 2.
24 kg, in terms of portability, it is in a good position among other laptops.
Unfortunately, its small 64Wh battery and sub-
This makes it consume more power than the same laptop.
That said, the performance is not weak and on the 1080p IPS display you can still run the vast majority of games at playable frame rates.
G-is also supported-Sync, a much-
Appreciated inclusion, benefits should be easily seen on a 60hz display.
Also, it\'s the cheapest laptop in this shootout that offers NVIDIA variable refresh rate technology, and it\'s nice to see how different Asus actually recognizes the technology can make.
In fact, we would say that it contains G-
Sync and its 16gb of RAM make it in the aftershock S-15.
In contrast, some of the more expensive laptops like gigabyte P35 v6 and MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro don\'t even have G-
Syncing, which makes a fairly noticeable omission in their price brackets.
There is a dedicated key on the keyboard that launches the ROG Game Center utility, which lets you create up to four different profiles for various scenarios, among other things.
Not much fine-
However, this is mainly limited to display and sound presets and whether you want to disable the Windows key.
It turns out that IPS screens and stereo speakers are one of the best things for a laptop.
The matte display is able to display bright and vibrant colors, and the small speakers are able to make surprisingly loud and full Soundsbodied sound.
The speaker cutouts are just two small orange grilles on the palm of the hand, but they are delivered not just here.
In contrast, the speaker settings for some other notebooks seem to be much broader, but they often don\'t sound very good.
Asus notebook effectively played a mid-range
Ground between Yu Zhen and MSI laptop.
While all three features have a GeForce GTX 1060, Asus\'s aftershock RAM has doubled but cut less
Edge design than MSI (
It\'s not very thin)
Leading to a well
The laptop is balanced and affordable.
Asus also considers more than the ports you need including three USB 3. 0 Type-
One port and one USB 3. 1 Type-Cport.
Unfortunately, there is no Thunderbolt 3 support here.
However, the last complaint was the number of bloat software that came with GL502VM.
That means a ton of Asus.
Branded programs that you don\'t use, it pops up intermittently, so you have to take steps to manually delete them, for example, you can restart with a clean installation by using the Windows 10 recovery feature.
Gigabyte P35X v6 is a more mainstream alternative to the Aorus X5 v6 we introduced earlier.
This means that it does not have much fancy design decoration and is more inclined to a more concise look.
But when we appreciate the practical approach to aftershocks, Gigabyte\'s notebook somehow feels more out of date.
To be honest, that round silver power button is the best.
Mediocre build quality does not help the impression that there is a noticeable bend around the keyboard and display.
Although its exterior is aluminum, it actually costs $3,399.
In addition, the keyboard itself can also make some adjustments, and the shallow key moving distance is an unwelcome change compared to the excellent typing experience offered on some other laptops.
Yes, this is a 20-year-old machine.
9mm thick, but the MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro is thinner and the keyboard is better.
In addition, single
The color white backlight will only leave a monotonous impression, and the brightness of the LED is only two levels.
Even after trying to adjust the settings and make sure the acceleration is off, the trackpad feels rather inaccurate. The left-and right-
The click button has been integrated into the trackpad, but this has not been well resolved at all because the feedback feels blurry and unsatisfactory.
In terms of price, we will definitely expect something that feels more perfect.
However, gigabyte proves the rationality of the price with highly competitive specifications, which are mainly equivalent to competitors, including four
Intel Core i7-6700HQ (2.
60 GHz, L3 cache 6 MB)
Processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070.
Therefore, although the laptop is not very good-looking, it is not lacking in performance.
It is also equipped with 16gb of RAM and a single 512GB PCIe SSD, the only laptop that does not have a separate hard drive for extra storage here.
Built-in pixel IPS display
In the ambient light sensor, it is possible to dim or brighten depending on the lighting conditions.
However, it lacks on G-Sync.
The speakers also don\'t punch in, and while the sound is big enough, they lack clarity and sound too thin and harsh, especially when it\'s on high notes.
Other features include Blue Light
Ray combo drive, the extension of its predecessor, was a bit out of place during the 4k video streaming time.
That is to say, this drive is hot
Replaceable, can be replaced with a second hard drive to complement the existing 512 gb ssd.
But while the structure of the laptop can be improved, there is no doubt that it is still a very thin laptop.
It weighs only 2 lbs.
3 kg years old, only 20 years old.
9mm thick, the thinnest and lightest notebook with GeForce GTX 1070 card.
Battery life is also particularly good, with the longest laptop duration in all models using NVIDIA Pascal GPUs.
This is not a case of only a relatively large 75.
81 wh battery because it also packs more than 15 Acer predators in larger 88Wh juice.
Its smooth shape is really related to some trade.
Like Aorus X5 v6 though, fans will be very loud once you launch the game.
Thicker GeForce GTX 1070-
Laptops such as Acer Predator 15 and Alienware 15 are much quieter, probably because they have space to pack more powerful heat dissipation solutions.
On the other hand, Aorus and Gigabyte have the same powerful hardware, but the cooling design may not be so powerful, so fans have to work harder to keep up.
The choice of ports and connectors is consistent with the products offered by competitors, including three USB 3. 0 Type-
One port and one USB 3. 1 Type-C connector.
Unfortunately there is no Thunderbolt 3 support here and we really want to see it considering the price of the notebook.
On the connector side, you can get a mini display port connector and an HDMI port in addition to the VGA connector, which seems a bit redundant.
Nevertheless, given gigabyte\'s decision to include Blu-ray, it seems that it has chosen to maximize the compatibility of the laptop with older hardware and media
Ray drive and now VGA port.
In a sense, this is a game notebook that will not be out of place in the office.
Overall, it\'s a very capable machine, but it\'s packed on a medium chassis that doesn\'t look and feel good, so, if you consider a defect, you \'d better be aware of it.
Portability of 14-
Inch notebook, but body 15. 6-inch laptop.
MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro is a light and thin (
For a gaming notebook)laptop.
Its compact size is its strongest selling point, and few notebooks can match it if you want to get the most portability in the console.
So its hardware specs are not the most powerful, it is equipped with GeForce GTX 1060 instead of the more powerful 1070.
This is enough to run most titles today for 1080 p, but it seems a bit disappointing for the laptop\'s $3,199 price tag.
More importantly, another GeForce GTX 1060-
The retail price of the laptop is much lower. The Asus ROG strrix GL502VM is only priced at NT $2,498, and the aftershock S-
As low as $2,158.
G-MSI is not included yet.
Synchronous support on the 1080p IPS display, which we think is a very obvious omission for this price range.
So far, its other specifications will be familiar with, namely, the Intel Core i7-6700HQ (2.
60 GHz, 6 MB cache)
Processor, 16 gb ram, 128GB PCIe SSD and 1TB 5,400RPM hard drive.
In other words, these are good specs, but there is no frontier.
You basically pay for quality design, beautiful look and first class products-
Leading portability (only 17. 7mm thick).
However, if performance-per-
The dollar is more important to you and you \'d better look elsewhere.
That being said, this is a good-
Looks good. built notebook. The magnesium-
The lithium alloy case features a beautiful brushed metal finish, and although it weighs only 1 pound, the laptop feels very strong. 8kg.
However, the speaker grille above the keyboard is actually quite curved, so the rigid structure does not extend to all parts of the notebook.
In order to keep everything cool in such a small chassis, MSI has been equipped with a large air intake that relies on high airflow instead of strong hot modules.
The air is sucked through the vents on the bottom and back, and then discharged from the side, which is a fan of the CPU, two fans of the GPU.
The bottom of the notebook is also covered with felt, which may make it more comfortable to sit on your lap.
Unlike some of the other notebooks here, MSI is definitely light enough to be comfortable to use in this way.
The form of the power button placement also has a small design quirk that can see the buttons that are located on the right edge of the laptop.
This location is not ideal, and when we simply re-adjust the position of the notebook on the table, we often find ourselves accidentally putting the notebook in sleep.
The location of the charging port can also be considered better.
It is located in the middle of the right side of the laptop and if it is not on the right side it will not actually be a problem
Angle charging jack, you may have to rotate it to make sure it doesn\'t block other ports.
Another strange thing is that, in addition to the system status and the hard drive indicator, the position of the CAP and the scroll lock indicator on the front edge.
This is a strange option because you might not be staring at the edge of your notebook if you want to know if you have a cap lock.
It makes more sense to put the indicators of these functions on the keys.
Fortunately, the keyboard and trackpad are well implemented, and typing is pleasant despite the small size of the notebook.
Trackpad responsive, accurate, integrated left-and right-
Click the button to click satisfactory feedback.
The RGB backlight keyboard is divided into three customizable areas, with the backlight glowing through the translucent edges around each Key and Key legend.
There are three levels of LED brightness, and you can customize up to 16 areas.
8 million colors and pick from some preset effects such as breathing and waves.
All of this is done through the Microstar Dragon Center utility, the notebook is ininstalled with.
The software also puts a variety of other tools in your hands, including the ability to set up custom fan speed curves for CPU and GPU.
The keyboard itself supports all related functions such as the SteelSeries Engine 3 utility and GameSense.
At present, GameSense\'s support is still limited to three games.
Strike: Global Offensive, modified versions of Dota 2 and Minecraft-but the idea is to allow the RGB keyboard to give you visual clues about your state in the game.
You\'ll be lucky if you play one of these three games, but other than that, the game is better --to-
Instead of providing the functionality of the actual utility.
However, we did run into some audio issues as we experienced a lot of crackdowns and distortion on the speakers and headphone jacks until we installed the audio driver thoroughly.
Other than that, the sound from the bottom
While you can do all kinds of adjustments using Nahimic 2 audio software, launching the speakers is not notable.
This is a pity as MSI strives to emphasize the use of ESS Sabre Hi-
Support up to 24-Fi DAC
Bit/192 KHz sampling rate.
In addition to that, the Thunderbolt 3 port is an advantage that connects three USB 3.
0 ports and a USB 3.
Port 1, which provides you with a wide range of connection options.
There is also a display port and HDMI connector for the video output, so you will never find yourself wanting the port.
MSI does not use its compact form factor as an excuse to omit important ports, which is definitely worth mentioning.
Here is a complete list of notebooks we are going to look at: We run notebooks through the following benchmarks: Note: Aftershocks have informed us that our unit is a sample of the works, the performance difference compared to other GeForce GTX 1060 laptops is due to the fact that the CPU is not fully utilized.
Therefore, you should expect the performance of the retail department\'s laptops with other similar devices to be better and better.
PCMark 8 tries to measure the real
World performance of various test systems, passing them through real testing
World projects and productivity applications.
However, because it reflects the average workload of a typical user, it does not really highlight the advantages of the respective game systems.
That being said, the Aorus X5 v6 is in its more powerful Intel Core i7 anyway-
6820HK processor.
The only time it\'s behind the working benchmark, maybe because it\'s higher resolution, 2,880x1,620-pixel display.
Aorus has achieved a particularly strong lead in the Adobe benchmark, 26 percentage points ahead of the next closest competitor, MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro.
Given that MSI has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 and still beats other laptops with more powerful GPUs, the main consideration here is not graphics horsepower, and aor\'s faster processor may help it lead.
3d mark is more relevant in evaluating game performance, it allows the system to pass a series of graphic and computational performance tests at different resolutions, starting at 1080 p, all the way to 4 K.
There are obvious performance differences between GeForce GTX 1060 and 1070 laptops.
All laptops with similar configurations are performing very close, and it\'s clear that GeForce GTX 1070 actually adds quite a bit of graphical horsepower-up in some cases.
Of course, the Aorus X5 v6 is powered by its overclocking Intel Core i7-
6820HK processor.
Future Mark\'s new VRMark benchmark is designed to assess the PC\'s ability to handle high loads
Long live HTC for high performance headphones, Oculus Rift.
If a PC passes the Orange Room test, it is ready for the latter two systems.
According to the GPU used, the performance is again different, and the GeForce GTX 1070 laptop is about faster than the 1060 laptop.
As expected, the Aorus X5 v6, due to its faster CPU, took the pole position again, about 9 cents faster than the closest competitor.
Nevertheless, all laptops have passed the Orange Room benchmark, so all the machines reviewed here are theoretically ready for virtual reality.
The same was observed in the ashes of the singularity, because of its more powerful CPU, Aorus powered forward, and the CPU was overclocking to 4.
0GHz out of the box.
It\'s clear that the CPU is a limiting factor in high settings, because GeForce GTX 1060 and 1070 laptops are not as big a difference as you think.
On the other hand, the Aorus laptop managed to get competitors into trouble as it was not blocked by the same Intel Core i76700HQ CPU.
Aftershock S-
15 also lags behind peers here, perhaps due to lack of Optimization at the firmware level.
However, in a crazy environment, GPU horsepower has become more important, and GeForce GTX 1070 laptops have re-established their lead in certain competitions.
More notably, the DirectX 12 benchmark seems to ease some of the CPU bottlenecks under high settings, probably due to the low CPU overhead involved. In Middle-
Earth: The Shadow of Mordor, with GeForce GTX 1070, is 36 faster in super settings.
Obviously, the performance difference between GeForce GTX 1060 and 1070 is not small, which is exactly what you bought for 1070 of your money.
But strangely, the Aorus laptop is not very good here, behind its 1070 corresponding weak Intel Core i7-
6700HQ processor.
With the Aorus X5 v6 getting first place in the department, it returned to normal, although it was only GeForce GTX 1070-
Laptop computer.
First, in Ultra settings, it\'s 3 percentage points faster than the second-performing Acer Predator 15.
In contrast, on Ultra settings, the Acer Predator 15 is 41 faster than the MSI notebook, which reinforces the gap between the two types of notebooks.
Note: We tested Acer Predator 15 without installing the Predator Frost Core module.
We measured the external temperature of the four quadrants of the laptop 15 minutes after circulating the 3d mark fire strike pressure test.
There are very few prominent places here. It is important to pay attention to the temperature of the left and right palms.
None of the notebooks became hot enough to feel uncomfortable.
One thing to point out is that the CPU temperature of the aftershock S-is low. 15.
When other laptops run above 70 °c, aftershocks are 61 °c in the cold.
We think this is due to an excellent cooling system, but the fact that the laptop is actually behind other GeForce GTX 1060 laptops suggests there may be some performance limitations.
Our battery life test includes using Wi-running the battery life benchmark at 50 screen brightness in PCMark 8 HomeFi running.
Gigabyte P35X v6 is the most impressive here as its power consumption data is second only to the weaker aftershock S-15.
In addition to this, although it does not have the largest battery, it has the longest battery life.
On the other hand, Asus ROG Strix GL502VM performed particularly poorly, and although its battery was slightly larger, it was still a lot behind the aftershocks.
We are not surprised to see that the Aorus X5 v6 has the highest power consumption and therefore the worst efficiency.
This will always be one of the trade --
It has the most powerful hardware, which is also shown in its lower than standard battery life numbers.
Taking into account factors such as size, weight and battery life, our portability index is an objective measure of laptop portability.
MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro does a great job here, leading the way as an undisputed leader.
Aorus is behind this due to poor battery life, but it still does better than Acer and Alienware peers, the two notebooks are arguably the closest competitors in terms of functionality and performance.
2016 is an exciting moment for gaming notebooks.
NVIDIA\'s new Pascal gpu has proven to change the rules of the game because the performance of mobile graphics chips is closer to desktops than ever before. This puts 15-
Inch gaming laptops are in a particularly attractive position, and they are ready to offer an attractive combination of graphic firepower and decent portability.
Aorus is a high-end gaming brand for gigabyte, and X5 v6 is clearly designed to appeal to people who don\'t object to money.
The laptop, which costs $3,799, is the most expensive of the eight laptops, but it proves its price is reasonable by combining powerful hardware with a thin chassis-the best.
This is the only laptop with overclocking Intel Core i7
6820HK processor, our review unit is timed out at 4. 0GHz.
In addition, it is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU and 16gb RAM and manages to cram all of this into just 22 chassis.
9mm thick 2. 5kg.
Some other notebooks such as Acer Predator 15 and Alienware 15 have similar specifications, but weigh a full kilogram, which will only make the performance of Aorus even more impressive.
X5 v6 checked all the correct boxes in terms of performance and portability, but it is 2,880x1, 620-at a higher resolution-pixel IPS G-
Display and press synchronously
That\'s why it was the winner of the gunfight.
The iconic look of the Acer Predator 15 sports Predator series, which translates into a very aggressive look, apparently to appeal to players.
Unfortunately, it was dragged down by its thickness and weight and entered at the age of 38. 5mm thick, 3. 7kg.
This means that carrying with you definitely requires a huge effort, the least portable laptop in this shootout.
Still, it has some features that help distinguish itself, most notably the beautiful predator Frost core module, which is an additional fan module that can be replaced with the optical drive for more powerful
It is also one of the best performers in our benchmark and provides decent battery life, which helps to make up for its huge size to some extent.
Unfortunately, it\'s asking as much as $3,598, which is hard to explain. When you go online, you will find that there is a display screen of 120Hz on Alienware and an overclocking mobile processor on Aorus.
Aftershock S-
15 is designed to provide the best return for your money.
It\'s not the fastest laptop, but its S $2,158 price tag makes it a very attractive option for laptops equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060.
It also happens to be one of the best battery life in the plot, an impressive feat given its moderate 60Wh battery.
Of course, you did get what you paid for, although the S15 is very sturdy in structure and has an excellent keyboard with good travel distance, its thickness and weight are not prominent.
This is also the only laptop here with 8gb of RAM (
16 GB for the rest).
Another thing to note is that it performs slightly less than other similar special laptops with GeForce GTX 1060, which may be due to a lack of optimization, but it may also be limited by the cooler and slower the laptop is running all the time, as observed in our tests.
Dell\'s updated Alienware 15 laptop is our preferred strong contender, but it eventually lags behind the Aorus X5 v6 as the latter is lighter and a little faster.
While the appearance of Alienware is very noticeable and the quality of the building is very good, it is quite a large brick at around 3.
49 kg, although it is 40 NT dollars cheaper than Aorus and 3,752 NT dollars, it does not have a mobile processor with overclocking.
Still, it distinguishes itself with unique features like Toby\'s eyes
Tracking and highly appreciated 120Hz G-Sync display.
A usb 3 also supports the next generation of peripherals well. 1 (Gen 1)Type-
Port C and separate Thunderbolt 3 connectors.
Another outstanding feature is the RGB backlit keyboard, which has a smart keyboard
Amazing number of custom options.
Asus ROG strrix GL502VM is the best laptop to prepare to run for the aftershock S15.
$2,498, its price is closest to the aftershock, making up the difference with more eyes
Grab the design, the thinner the structure, the faster performance.
It runs out in terms of battery life, but weighs only 2 lbs.
24 kg and measure a svelte 23. 5mm.
It also comes with a 60hz G-
Display synchronously so you can expect fluid and tear
Free gaming experience.
For a good combination of features, design, and build, we will present our value for money recommendation to this notebook.
Gigabyte\'s own P35X v6 has a lot in common with Aorus X5 v6, and the most striking thing is to stick to the slim design.
It weighs only 2.
3 kg, making it the lightest notebook here equipped with GeForce GTX 1070.
In addition, it performs well in our battery life test, with the longest duration in all Pascal
Despite not having the largest battery, it is equipped with a laptop.
However, it is not as good as Olaus in many ways.
For such a large notebook, the key travel distance is very shallow, the trackpad feels inaccurate, and the movement is slow.
It also lacks customizable RGB backlight (
Can only be switched by three different levels of white backlight)and G-
Sync, which is a pretty disappointing thing for a laptop that costs $3,399.
MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro has an impressive light and thin structure and belongs to its own category.
However, although it is the most portable laptop, it still feels good to assemble. 8kg.
More notably, it is lighter and thinner than HP\'s Omen 15, which makes it a strong choice for those who value the portability of gaming notebooks the most.
However, all of this comes at a cost, MSI laptops are priced at $3,199, which is quite expensive for a laptop with only GeForce GTX 1060.
It also lacks a G.
Sync display, which means you\'re really excited about its light weight and slim design.
While some may find this important, we think most players may prefer to get more performance with their money.
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